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Whether you're after an urban, suburban, contemporary or coastal home, Nagy design's creative floor plans fit the lifestyle and needs of every client they deal with along with each property's constraints. Zol Nagy started the business over 15 years ago and has won multiple BDAV design awards from best home design up to 300m2 and best retail design, and spent 9 years on the BDAV committee of management.

The talented and dynamic Nagy Design team are experienced working on both residential and commercial projects. They strive to create sustainable designs which work in harmony with the environment. Nagy Design is influenced by Australia's unique landscape and climate and does not draw on unsuitable styles from overseas.

Nagy Design's philosophies of design differ from those of other companies because of Nagy's extensive experience with retail designs, commercial trends, product knowledge and material selection. The team do not allow their designs to be influenced by fees and believe a home design involves the entire site, not just the architecture. The same design effort goes into a 300K house as it does a million-dollar plus house. Nagy Design believes house design should encompass the whole site, all the way from the letterbox design to the landscaping and other external features, and completes these services in-house.

Nagy Design works in close collaboration with their clients. The team are friendly and approachable and encourage open communication throughout the design process so that optimum outcomes can be achieved. They are committed to realising their client's aspirations and strive to achieve their client's brief within budget constraints. They are rigorous and thorough in their design process ensuring all elements of a project are thought out and work harmoniously as a whole. 3D modelling and detailed technical drawings are produced to ensure all aspects of the design are resolved and communicated clearly with clients.